Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God frm my eyes

'm an atheist , i dont believe in the allah jesus or any other form of god ... according to me god is nothin but a mans weak answer for all the questions of nature... from centuries the questions man couldn answer were told gods play till they became wonders of scientific world...Men who could'nt understand, the earthquake ,volcanic eruptions, rain, flood, growth of a plant ,birth of a child , death of a being, gave each thing a reason and these superstitious reasons became god ....varuna (rain god) agni (fire god) marutha (for air) any form which he didnt how it happened was made to be god..
any basic reason behind any belief is either fear or incapability... fear brings out god, incapability causes fear... things we cant do things we cant create 'll be assigned to god ...
gods only needed to subside the fear or to put fear in anyone ... the sacrifices the rituals the ceremony are limited to a level wer someone can feel that there is someone who is backing him up .
Any coincidence is made a miracle, any luck is considered gods gift ...

anyone who denies the fact of existense god is hit wit question lik 'hw the earth was created? ' 'hw rain occurs?' 'hw do we breath?' wen u answer them wit science next question 'll be 'y earth was created' i ask them y god was created ... there is no answer ... if there is god hw was he created he couldn have come out of thin air jus lik tht ... the god was created by us and for good reason god was created to put fear and kill fear , to build respect in things , to stop man frm doin bad things ...

I ask ppl who try to enligten me wit god to read the charles darwin's Theory of life ...
Gods DEAD come out of it ... if u believe in god then find a reason for believing


  1. not atheist ... the word is Agnostic, NOUN : A person who claims that they cannot have true knowledge about the existence of God (but does not deny that God might exist) and Ya great to knw tht u too write blogs ... cool...

  2. @ prithvi: He claims to be an atheist, agnostic is rest of the world . . . . For, when he does not believe in the concept of god, then the question of having true knowledge of existence of GOD does not arise. Wat I can understand by his interpretation of god in the above, is the way people see god, he's not talking about himself believing in that concept. . . .

  3. since u've said ur an atheist,wats ur take on judaism?? its influence on religion today??!
    ......according to me its all evolved so much..that the intricacy makes it impossible fo us to figure out the root cause!!

  4. hello.. nice that you are writing blogs..
    I believe there is a reason for every thing that happens in this world, but i kind of think why do certain actions lead to certain kind of results only and nothing else.. why or who or what is the reason for this design of things as it is..

    Thanks for the food for brain... :)

  5. You know, like some people say, "Sometimes, there are no explanations or no reasons." So maybe that's how it is.

  6. I liked you blog dude... their are few things to support your blog... hopefully this helps :)

    the people who believe in god are the people who don't wann take the responsibility for their success or their failure. They need some one who they can relay on so only they created god. Some time it's too much to handle for normal human who have week heart.